Airborne Systems

FAST focuses on customer tailored system solutions in order to meet:

  • Manned and unmanned operation with the same aircraft
  • Operation in heavy environmental conditions
  • Robust, field experienced design
  • Large deploy distances
  • High flexibility in surveillance capacity
  • Budgets


  • New State-of-the-Art Aerial Imaging
  • Dedicated, expensive imaging aircraft are a thing of the past
  • XCAM-B is designed to provide aerial imaging capabilities to anyone with a small, single-engine aircraft
  • Technology that was once reserved for multimillion dollar operations
  • XCAM-B boasts an impressive 10,200 x 3,506 pixel array for the RGB model
  • 5,288 x 3,506 for multi-spectral imaging
  • Weighs only six pounds
  • Powerful and portable.
  • Camera options that include RGB, multi-spectral, and a true five-band thermal sensor
  • XCAM Ultra series will boast 100 megapixels and more than 17,000 pixels in cross-range
  • XCAM-B is an ideal, low cost imaging solution for agriculture, city planning, pipeline, and corridor monitoring along with many other GIS image collections.
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XCAM G 360

  • Ground based 360 Degree Panoramic
  • 6 Calibrated Camera Rig
  • 8,000 pixels x 4,000 pixels
  • Up to 5cm positioning
  • L1/L2 GPS and GLONASS
  • 0.03 degrees roll and pitch
  • 100Hz output
  • Automatic distance-based camera triggering
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  • 1,000 kg ISR payload class
  • Optionally piloted flight control (OPV)
  • Manned by up to three crew on board or unmanned up to 50 hours
  • 4,500 nm line surveillance path
  • 190 kts cruise to target area, altitude up to 30,000 ft
  • Extreme low noise and IR signature
  • Low direct ops cost, JETA1 fuel or Diesel
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SK202 GeoExplorer

  • 1,100 lb payload class
  • Favourable quick-exchange sensor capabilities
  • Dual Flight Mode (OPV) for manned and unmanned missions
  • Lowest noise, infrared and radar signatures
  • Fast cruise to mission 150 kt
  • Range > 1,350 nm (manned) / 2,500 nm (unmanned)
  • Endurance > 10 hrs (manned) / > 24 hrs (unmanned)
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